How To Get From Colombo Airport To Weligama

Colombo Airport To Weligama

Wondering how to get from Colombo airport to Weligama? Weligama, the beautiful sandy village, located on the shores of the bay with the same name is one of the places in Sri Lanka which are perfect for lazy relaxation on vacation.

Calm sea, long sandy beaches, and friendly people will provide you all the necessary ingredients for a pleasant stay.

While Sri Lanka’s coast is known for its big and erratic breakers, Weligama is much calmer. If you are a surfing beginner this town is perfect for you.

Also, in Weligama and its vicinity, you can find more than 30 surfing schools in which you can book classes. Some of these schools also offer yoga classes, so you can pick a surf/yoga package.

Besides surfing, you can go snorkeling or even dive in Weligama. Weligama Bay Dive Center is a PADI registered dive school and they offer you a chance to learn how to dive under the supervision of experienced and PADI certified instructors.

If you are more adventurous, you can take the Open Water Diver course, or some of the more advanced courses.

Weligama is located less than 40 kilometers from Galle, and 15 kilometers from Matara, so you can plan a day trip to either of them during your stay.

When coming to Sri Lanka you will most likely land at Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport, some 170 kilometers from Weligama, so how to get to your destination?

Private Taxi from Colombo to Weligama

The most comfortable way to get from Colombo airport to Weligama is by hiring a private taxi. While ride-hailing services, Uber and PickMe, are available in Sri Lanka you will be facing the inconvenience of having to wait on them.

Private taxis, on the other hand, can be scheduled for pickup beforehand and are available 24/7. With a private taxi, you can be certain that your driver will be an experienced one, and that you will enjoy two and a half hour trip in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Another convenience of hiring a private taxi is the luggage space. Public transportation’s per design have quite limited space for your bags and suitcases, thus using this option could be quite troublesome at best.

As opposed to such situations, private taxi vehicles, which are not limited to passenger cars but also can be minivans or mini buses have ample room for all your luggage you may have brought to your vacation.

If you wish to rent a private taxi you will face a choice between many big and small companies.

One such is the T2 Travels Sri Lanka, which can make all arrangements for you, and gladly unburden you of the trouble of looking for a reliable private taxi which is fulfilling your requirements.

Even if you are traveling with your kids, you will find that T2 Travels Sri Lanka is fully equipped with seat belts and booster seats for their safe travel.

Transfers from Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport to Weligama By Train

From Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport to Weligama is possible to travel directly by train. But Sri Lanka’s railway is not famous for its punctuality.

Be prepared for arrival at Weligama to be delayed due to various reasons half of the time, and a small chance of cancelation of the trip in which case you will most likely not be able to get a refund.

All trains depart from Colombo’s Fort Trainstation, and daily there are six departures, at 0655, 0835, 1030, 1425, 1510 and 1550. For most of the trains, there is the availability of the 2nd class and 3rd class tickets.

For most of the trip, you will be traveling very close to the shore with the sea visible through the window for most of it.

Train duration is between 2 hours 20 minutes and 3 hours 30 minutes.

Train cost is 2nd class tickets 230 Rs (around €1.15), 3rd class tickets 125 Rs (around €0.63).

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Transfer from Colombo Airport to Weligama By Bus

Traveling from Colombo airport to Weligama is possible by bus. But if you plan on using them you must be aware that the majority of vehicles are not air-conditioned.

Furthermore, they provide a very limited luggage space, if any. Thus, if you have more than a backpack you should avoid using buses.

The most convenient is by taking the route number 2 bus, Colombo-Matara, and then disembark at one of the two bus stops at Weligama.

The number 2 route starts at Pettah Bus Station on Olcott Mawatha, and you can catch it on any of the numerous bus stops along the Galle Road.

Departures are virtually throughout the whole day, depending on the time of day they regularly pass every 10 to 20 minutes.

Bus duration is 4 hour and bus price is single ticket 223 Rs (around €1.12).

If you want to explore Weligama in your Sri Lanka tours choose one of our 3 days Sri Lanka tour package.

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