How To Get From Colombo Airport To Arugam Bay

Colombo Airport To Arugam Bay

Wondering how to get from Colombo airport to Arugam Bay? Sri Lanka is a country and island which attracts visitors with many things.

Breathtaking nature, history and culture that are so old that they are intertwined with legends, and warm welcoming people. But, Sri Lanka also attracts people looking for excitement and thrill of surfing.

Since this sport took the world by storm, Sri Lanka was one of the more popular surfing destinations.

Without any doubt, the best surfing spot in Sri Lanka is Arugam Bay, which is considered as one of the top 10 surfing spots in the world. With the surfing season lasting from late May through November, you have the opportunity to ride many waves.

Taxi from Colombo Airport to Arugam Bay

Booking a private taxi is the most comfortable, most convenient and quickest way to travel from Colombo Airport to Arugam Bay. This 325 kilometers journey you will spend in a pleasant and air conditioned atmosphere.

Having in mind that such a trip can take up to 7 hours, due to speed limits and traffic conditions, you have to quickly realize how important it is the comfort of vehicle you are traveling by. And T2 Travels Sri Lanka can provide you just that.

Modern, comfortable vehicles to take you safely and enjoyably to your desired destination. But also, opposed to other means of transport, a private taxi is able to safely and securely accommodates all of your luggage.

With not only enough space for all of your bags, but also if you are traveling with your surfboard it can be safely transported.

Traveling with T2 Travels Sri Lanka will also allow you to make your own schedule. And you will be able to arrive at Arugam Bay the same day you arrive at Sri Lanka, without need to stay overnight at some town middle way to your destination.

T2 Travels Sri Lanka will provide you simple and convenient door-to-door Colombo airport transfer service, without any unnecessary detours or delays.

But if you are traveling with a child or baby, the needed number of booster or baby seats can be provided.

Transfers from Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport to Arugam Bay By Train

Traveling by train from Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport to Arugam Bay is possible only part of the way. Because of the lack of direct train line, you can only get as close to Aragam as possible.

This means that you can take a train ride only to Badulla. But before that, you first need to get to a train station.

The most convenient one is the Colombo Fort Station, which you can reach using the line 265 bus.

This bus you can embark on at the 18th Mile Post bus stop, which is located almost 900 meters north from the arrivals terminal at Colombo Airport.

Through this bus stop, line 256 buses pass every 10-15 minutes, depending on the time of day. By bus, you can get to Colombo Central Bus Stand, from which it is 700 meters walk to Fort train station.

From Fort, you can catch one of the 5 daily trains for Badulla, at 0550, 0645, 0830, 0945, and 2000.

From Badulla, you can continue by taking a 99/314 bus, that is available on average every 20 minutes and will take you to Beragala.

Through Beragala around noon passes line 64/98 bus, which you can use to reach Pelawatta. Because this bus has just one daily departure, you will have to book an overnight stay at either Badulla or Beragala.

From Pelawatta you can take a 98-4 bus, which passes on average every 30 minutes and will take you to the Pottuvil Town located 5 kilometers north from Arugam Bay.

This last leg of your journey you will have to travel by taxi or tuk-tuk.

Train duration is around 15 hours 40 minutes divided over 2 days. Train cost is from €15.00 (excluding hotel stay at Badulla or Beragala).

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Transfer from Colombo Airport to Arugam Bay By Bus

Traveling by bus from Colombo Airport to Arugam Bay is in the first part similar to traveling by train. In the sense that you first need to reach the city of Colombo.

In the same manner, the least complicated way is by taking a 265 line bus from the 18th Mile Post bus stop, where it is available every 10-15 minutes.

Once you arrive at Colombo Central Bus Stand, you should head for Colombo Fort Bus Station, which is 700 meters from Central Bus Stand, and next to the Fort train station.

From Fort, you can take a line 98 bus. It departs on average every 20 minutes, between 0325 and 2210, and will take you to Pottuvil Town.

The last leg of the journey to Arugam Bay you will have to travel by a tuk-tuk or taxi.

Bus duration is around 12 hours and bus price is from €10.

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