How To Get From Colombo Airport To Ahangama

Colombo Airport To Ahangama

Wondering how to get from Colombo airport to Ahangama? Ahangama is a resort town located on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka, some 40 minutes drive from Galle and 30 minutes drive from Mirissa, and a popular tourist location.

This location makes it a perfect base for exploring this area of the island. Just a 10 minutes drive from Ahangama is the Handunugoda Tea Estate, a world-famous tea plantation for their virgin white tea.

This tea is produced according to the ancient tradition of producing tea worthy of the emperors, where tea leaves are not touched by human hand during the whole process.

But, Ahangama is not just a conveniently placed town for exploring the Sri Lankan southwest coast.

It is one of the best locations for novice surfers, or for the absolute beginners who wish to learn to surf at one of the surfing schools in town.

On the shore of Koggala Lake is situated the Kathaluwa Old Temple, the Buddhist temple that originates from the 13th century and was renovated in the 19th century.

It is very popular among visitors for its religiously-themed wall paintings.

If you get bored by the beaches in Ahangama, you can embark on activities many travelers do in this area, the beach hopping, with Bentota being just a little bit over an hour drive northwest along the coast and Tangale hour and a half on the east, you can cover more than 120 kilometers of coastline during your stay.

Bentota, Kosgoda, Hikkaduwa, Galle, Mirissa, and Matara; are just some of the more popular places you could visit during your stay.

Taxi from Colombo Airport to Ahangama

The most comfortable, convenient, and quickest way to travel from Colombo Airport, officially the Bandaranaike International Airport, is by a private taxi.

This, typically a 2 and a half hour trip you will spend in a pleasant air conditioned atmosphere of a passenger car. Free of other commuters, and able to arrive at your destination relaxed and fresh to start your vacation.

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You can rest assured that your driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals terminal, ready to take you to your destination. And that the vehicle you will be using will have proper storage space for your luggage.

With a private taxi, you will travel these 165 kilometers without any unnecessary and inconvenient stops along the way, and in a true door to door fashion.

If you are on a family vacation in Sri Lanka, T2 Travels can make sure that your kids have the proper baby or booster seats as needed.

Transfers from Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport to Ahangama By Train

A trip from Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport to Ahangama can be made by train. But, due to the lack of a train station near the airport, one first needs to travel to the city of Colombo. This is easiest done by a line 265 bus.

The closest bus stop where you can board a bus for Colombo is the 18th Mile Post, some 900 meters north from the arrivals terminal, through which line 265 buses pass every 10-15 minutes. This distance you would need to walk.

The bus will take you to the Colombo Central Bus Stand station, which is some 700-meters walk away from the Colombo Fort train station.

From Colombo Fort, there are four daily departures at 0635, 0835, 1030, and 1425; and two additional only on workdays, at 1646 and 1805.

Train duration is between 4 hours and 4 and a half hours and Train cost is from €1.20.

Transfer from Colombo Airport to Ahangama By Bus

Traveling from Colombo Airport to Ahangama by bus is similar to traveling by train on the same relation. Your first leg of the journey is reaching the city of Colombo.

In the same manner by taking a 900 meters stroll to the 18th Mile Post bus stop, where on average every 10-15 minutes passes a line 265 bus.

Once you reach the Colombo Central Bus Stand station, you should head for the Colombo Fort train station, which is around 700 meters on foot away.

But you should not enter it. Just outside of the entrance to the train station is the Pettah bus stop.

Through this bus stop, every 5-15 minutes pass buses that drive lines 2, 2-4, 2-6, 2-9, 2-10, 2-11, 26, 26-1, 26-3, 31, 32-1, 32-2, 32-4, and 32-5. Any of these buses you can board, and disembark it at one of the four bus-stops on the Matara Road which passes through Ahangama along the coast.

Bus duration is between 4 hours and 4 and a half hours and Bus price is from €1.20.

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